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Villa Borghese Archeorunning Tour

J.K. Place Roma

ArcheoRunning is the training created exclusively for J.K. Place Roma’s guests, who have the desire to combine physical exercise with the possibility of getting to know the most unusual places in Rome. Your private guide will accompany you to discover the wonderful Villa Borghese Gardens from another perspective. The beauty of its picturesque gardens and its attractions, such as the Borghese Gallery, the Bioparco and its elegant avenues, make it a place of attraction and one of the most famous green spaces in Europe. During our running tour we will learn about the history of the Casino Nobile, today the Borghese Gallery, the secret gardens, the Parco dei Daini, Piazza di Siena, the garden of the lake and the Pincio. Wondering about another routes, we have plenty available. Do not hesitate to inquire the Concierge.


Highlights: Villa Borghese running path – Stops in the main highlights
Duration: 1hr 30 min

Send your request to our Concierge Team at concierge@jkroma.com