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J.K. Place Roma

J.K. in Rosa

Aperitifs and Cocktails dedicated to women

The J.K. Place dresses in pink for a special moment to share in company all in the name of fun


J.K. Easter Picnic Box

Treat yourself to a tasty break with those you love.

The J.K.Easter picnic box is the perfect solution to take advantage of the mild climate that the Roman Easter and Monday Easter offers


J.K. Eggs decoration

celebrate Easter with an egg decorating afternoon at J.K. Place Roma.

Guided by an acclaimed pastry chef children and adults alike will learn all the techniques for decorating Easter eggs, cookies and treats.


Easter & Easter Monday at J.K.

J.K. Cafe

As per tradition, Chef Francesco Poli offers simple and irresistible easter Roman cuisine


J.K. Warming Afternoon Tea

An intimate conviviality between chatter and laughter

In the splendid and evocative location of J.K. Place Roma, We will pamper you in the traditional afternoon tea from 4pm to 6pm.