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Rome, the Eternal City – its thousands of years of history conceal many wonderful secrets. While some are hiding below the modern city’s surface, others are “hiding” in plain sight. Today you will discover several of the city’s most wondrous secrets and hidden gems in Rome’s charming and picturesque Aventino neighborhood.

Together with your expert guide, you will head up the Aventine Hill, the site of many aristocratic residences during ancient Roman times, and today a tranquil and elegant residential district. The neighborhood also holds many secrets, the first of which you will encounter at the famous “keyhole”. Your anticipation will build as you approach the large, green doors surrounded by richly decorated friezes and then peek inside to reveal an incredible view and a stunning surprise!

As you continue your explorations, you can choose to visit the beautiful Basilica of Santa Sabina or the nearby Giardino degli Aranci, or “Orange Garden” – a lovely park lined with orange trees that offers breathtaking views of the Roman skyline.

The incredible grand finale of your experience will be an exclusive, privileged access that will reveal a remarkable secret concealed behind closed doors.

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